Tax Planning

The Inland Revenue Department issues tax returns to individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, property holders and limited companies each year. Relevant persons / companies must complete the tax returns within 1 to 3 months after the date of issue and return it to the Inland Revenue Department with relevant information and documents. As for the profit tax return, generally it will be issued within18 months after the company starts business. If the relevant person has not received the profit tax return issued by the Inland Revenue Department after 18 months, they should take the initiative to check with the Inland Revenue Department for the tax reporting matters.

The tax return can be completed by client themselves and mailed to the Inland Revenue Department, but because the person who fills out the form does not have professional knowledge in taxation, so, he may pay more taxes due to incorrect filing; some people may even fail to report some of information, caused to violate some of tax regulations and was even prosecuted and fined.

Our company has rich experience in dealing with tax issues, we can help our client to set-up an effective and correct tax planning under personal and corporate tax. The scope of services includes:

  • Fill in tax returns
  • Calculating expected taxes due
  • Tax plan recommendations
  • Assist clients in answering questions from the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department
  • Acting as a client's tax representative in matters relating to tax objections and appeals

The tax issues we deal with include:

  • Profits tax
  • Profits tax for self-employed persons (proprietor or partner in partnership)
  • Employee salaries tax
  • property tax
  • Stamp duty

Financial Management

Accounting and taxation is one of the tasks that every company must deal with, effective financial management is essential to ensure the company can operates as usual to make more profit. Therefore, clients need to find specialized financial management and tax planning services to help them, so that they can focus on business development.

We sincerely provide our clients with:

  1. Arrange the company's internal supervision and accounting procedures;
  2. Advising on financial and operational matters;
  3. Profit forecast and cash flow forecast;
  4. Evaluate financial accounts from a bank perspective;
  5. MPF consultants, etc.

The fee depends on the actual situation and needs of the customer, please contact us to discuss.